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Annalaura di Luggo

Annalaura di Luggo (b. Naples, 1970) is a multimedia artist based in Naples. In 2019 she was invited to the 58th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia (Dominican Republic Pavilion) and in 2018 she is invited at the ONU in New York with her multimedia solo show Blind Vision which inspired the creation of the homonymous award-winning documentary based on the artist’s enlightening journey with visually impaired people. Fusing aesthetics, performance, and technology, the artist creates visually striking works that invite dialogue about social issues. She has, with dexterity and empathy, tackled incarceration (“Never Give Up”), topics of the marine world (“Sea Visions / 7 Viewpoints”), human rights (“Human Rights Vision”, for Kennedy Foundation), blindness (“Blind Vision” presented at the United Nations and at the Italian Consulate in NY) nature and biodiversity (“Genesis” present at the 58th Venice Biennale) and environmental issues (“Napoli Eden” artistic and cinematographic project). To create Napoli Eden Annalaura di Luggo used recycled aluminum to construct four site-specific monumental installations open to the public that encouraged debate on sustainability in her hometown, Naples. This project inspired the director Bruno Colella in the creation of the docufilm Napoli Eden, which tells the artist’s creative experience. Napoli Eden qualified for Consideration for the 2021 Academy Awards Oscars in the Best Documentary Feature Category. Recycled aluminum is again chosen by the artist for “Collòculi>We Are Art”, her newest gigantic sculptural iris that transmits multimedia and immersive contents, previewed at the Banco Napoli Foundation in Naples and National Archeological Museum of Naples MANN. The creative process is the focus of the documentary “We Are Art Through the Eyes of Annalaura”, directed by the artist herself, which displays a mixture of documentary video art and new media. This film qualified for Consideration for the 2023 Academy Awards Oscars in the Best Documentary Feature Category and Best Song. Her bibliography is extensive, with interventions by major art critics and international personalities from the world of culture and entertainment, including  Paul Laster, Stephen Knudsen, Rajsa Clavijo, Timothy Hardfield, Paco Barragan, Stefano Biolchini, Hap Erstein, Francesco Gallo Mazzeo, Aldo Gerbino, Marcello Palminteri, Gabriele Perretta, Vincenzo Trione, Andrea Viliani. She is part of both public and private collections in Italy and abroad. Commissioned by corporate sponsors, institutions, and municipalities, she has completed both permanent (Museum of the Institute P. Colosimo of Naples, Jus Museum of Naples, Museum of Juvenile Prison of Nisda, Naples) and temporary interactive installations (United Nations, New York; Art Basel/Scope in New York in Basel & in Miami; MANN | National Archeological Museum of di Naples, Banco di Napoli Foundation; Genoa International Boat Show, Torino Artissima/The Others fair, etc).
+ 01. INTRO-SPECTIO (Cumae), 2022, direct printing on shaped dibond, plexiglas, led, cm 70x50
+ 02. INTRO-SPECTIO (Staglieno), direct printing on shaped dibond, plexiglas, led, cm 50x70
+ 03. INTRO-SPECTIO (from Sofonisba), direct printing on shaped dibond, plexiglas, led, cm 70x50
+ 04. INTRO-SPECTIO (from M.G. Benoist), direct printing on shaped dibond, plexiglas, led, cm 60x50
+ 05. INTRO-SPECTIO (from G. van Woestine "De Blinde"), direct printing on shaped dibond, plexiglas, led, cm 70x50

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